Tools and Systems

Tools and Systems

The following projects are offered to illustrate the broad context in which our principal consultant has operated both within TSD and directly for other organisations.

  • Training Solutions Program
  • The Training Solutions© program is a fully-featured database designed to drastically reduce costs associated with the administration of training course development and delivery.

  • CourseList Database
  • CourseList is a database that centrally controls all aspects of course development and delivery. The database allows administrators to schedule courses and trainers and then prints associated schedules. Features include detailed documentation, accreditation, linkages, multi-fee structures, version control and work-in-progress tracking. The database includes unique first-level course evaluation in a graphical format, other reporting features and is ISO compliant.

  • Training Request Database
  • The Training Request database is a register to log all requests for consultancy and special course offers. TrainingRequest tracks all steps from initial enquiries through to processing of post-course evaluation and other follow-ups. The database provides multiple reports and uses a convenient one-page layout. The database is ISO compliant.

  • Participant List Database
  • Participant List is a database that centrally stores all participant and employer details. The database allows administrators to link participants to scheduled courses and trainers and then prints associated schedules. Features include automatic name tags, class lists and certificate issues. The database provides other reporting features and is ISO compliant.

  • AVET Data
  • AVET Data is designed to collect all AVETMISS data required for FET students in Australia. The data is stored and reported in the required formats and is regularly updated to suit the changing FET requirements.

  • TNA Data
  • TNA Data-is a database that handles all aspects of complex Training Needs Analyses scoped from both “Top-Down” and “Bottom Up” perspectives. The database permits analysis from business objectives through to individual personnel needs. The database provides multiple reporting features and is ISO compliant.

  • PC-based Training Simulators
  • Specified and designed innovative PC-based training simulators that enabled conceptual and process skills to be developed outside a safety-critical environment. The simulators slashed training times, increased competency levels and enabled provision of some otherwise-undeliverable instruction.

  • “Course Admin” Software
  • Concept to development of course organisation software. CourseAdmin was designed to administer resource-rich training delivery where multiple resource suppliers were involved. The software administered objectives, topics, trainers, timetables, resource booking sheets and trainer contact hours.

  • Electronic Transmission Fault Simulator
  • Concept to development of a sit-in simulator that generated the normal aural, tactile and visual cues used in automotive transmission diagnosis. The simulator enabled applied teaching of automotive transmission systems fault diagnosis that could not otherwise be practically taught.

    The project attracted major applied Research and Development Funds from the TAFE Board for the development of this simulator.