Training Delivery

The following projects are offered to illustrate the broad context in which our principal consultant has operated both within TSD and directly for other organisations.

    • Australian Institute of Management

Designed, developed and delivered specialist training programs under contract.

    • Australian Industry Group
      • Designed, developed and delivered various specialist programs under assignment.
      • Consulted to improve various training management / administrative processes.
      • Vocational Training Instructor and Related Courses.
      • Developed and conducted regular and special fee for service courses for industry clients in trainer development and related areas.
      • Co-ordinated course quotations, staffing, budgeting, curriculum development and course evaluations.
    • Industry Services at University of Melbourne (HIE)

Manager of the Industry Services Division at Hawthorn Institute of Education. This role included the management of in-house and contract consultants for a variety of consultancy placements. Activities included the Vocational Training Instructors’ program, the Rural Water Commission Review and General Motors Holden’s Consultancy Program.

Management of a range of short and long-term consultancy placements.

    • Ansett Airlines

Principal Consultant for the training needs analyses, training programs design and their delivery for various flight, engineering and commercial staff of Ansett Airlines of Australia. For the period of this ongoing need, the project resulted in 5 special training courses and over 22 regular courses provided for Ansett. This project was funded directly by Ansett Airlines of Australia. Special courses included the design of assessment procedures and methodologies for Check Captains whose function was to annually assess pilots for DCA licence.

    • Industry Services Training Advisory Network

A Participation and development in the creation of an industry- based network that operated formally for many years. Major outcomes of this are still in operation, notably the development of the Apprentice Training Officers’ Association.

    • Apprentice New Syllabus

This project required the timed introduction over a three year period of a new performance-based curriculum. The project required co-ordination of over thirty staff and resource-allocation functions.

    • College Introduction and Establishment of Technician Certificate

A major program consisting of planning, integration into existing studies, budgeting and operational resource allocation for a four-year course of study into automotive studies