Training and Development

The following projects are offered to illustrate the broad context in which our principal consultant has operated both within TSD and directly for other organisations.

Training and Development Management

Sucessfully managed the training and development function at the head office of an Australian company with offices in most Australian states and in South East Asia.

Training Needs Analysis

Conduct of Training Needs Analysis across a multi-discipline and multi-site organisation. The analysis was tied to the organisation’s Performance Management objectives in one dimension and to employee Performance Reviews in the other dimension. The analysis completed its cycle with forward budget projections and dimension targets.

Professional Licensing Scheme

Administered and co-ordinated all operations of an international licensing scheme for professional engineers. Included analysis and planning for career transition and career development.

Workforce Planning

Conduct discrete Workforce Plan across multiple organisations. The plan identified role deficiencies and excesses, established methods to address the situation including training plans. The plan was submitted to an international panel of affected CEOs.