Rail Signalling & Control Fundamentals – a technical bridging course

Do you interface with train control and signalling systems and want to have an improved understanding of how they are designed and operated? Would knowing how the critical safety issues governing their design improve project outcomes? Then the forthcoming IIR Executive Development Bridging Course has been designed with you in mind.

Leon Clark, course director of IIR Executive Development’s Rail Signalling & Control Fundamentals and Managing Director of Web Rail, will be presenting the three city, two-day, entry-level training course. He has designed the course for non-signal engineers to introduce base system architecture for signal and train control systems.

Participants in the course will:

  • Gain a working knowledge of fundamentals for railway train control and signalling systems for freight, intercity passenger and urban light rail transit operations? 
  • Learn how many of today’s train control and signalling systems are designed and operated to increase railway capacity, reliability, safety and competitiveness? 
  • Explore the merits of the different types of signalling and control systems? 
  • Hear the latest information about the methods and technologies being used in current rail signalling practice? 
  • Review the applicable rules, regulations, standards and specifications that govern the design and maintenance of various signalling systems?

Courses will be run in the following cities and booking is essential www.iired.com.au/railsignalling  :

  • Brisbane   28–29 September
  • Perth          9–10 November
  • Melbourne      6–7 December

To find out more about Leon Clark and the course read the recent interview published by the Rail Express.com.au

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